Additional Resources: Banning Smoking in Public Places

1. National Cancer Institute Second Hand Smoke Page

This organization informs people of the risk of cancer associated with secondhand smoke.

2. Web MD smoking effect on air pollution

This webpage explains how smoking contributes to air pollution.

3. CDC Effect of Smoke-Free Laws

The government organization analyzes the effect of previous anti smoke laws on air pollution and quality.

4. Clean Air Council

This  organization  works to reduce pollution and advocate for implementation of the Clean Air Act to improve air quality.

5.Ocean Conservancy

This nonprofit organization attempts to conserve the ocean by curbing littering and cleaning up the habitat.

6. Cigarette Litter Prevention Program

This program works to educate and prevent the littering of the most commonly littered item in America; cigarette butts.

7. Tobacco Smoke: Scientific information about Exposure

This scientific group explains the significant effect of smoking on air pollution and the lungs.

8. US National Library of Health Secondhand smoke Information

The government organization fives information on passive smoking and analyzes its effects.

9. Mayo Clinic Secondhand Smoke Risks

This nonprofit organization informs people of the dangers associated with passive smoking.

10. EPA Secondhand smoke health effects

The Environmental Protection Agency clearly informs people of the numerous health risks caused by smoking.

10. Effect of Anti- Public Smoking Laws

This wiki page proves, trough the example of local state and city laws banning public smoking, that this policy works.


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