Should Smoking be Banned in All Public Places?

Smoking is the leading cause of death worldwide. A very dangerous habit that kills both smokers and nonsmokers, it should be banned in all public places. Smoke contains many toxic chemicals that are harmful to humans. Passive smoking, or secondhand smoke is a very big concern. According to the European Respiratory Society, over 600,000 people die from secondhand smoking worldwide. This number could be significantly reduced by banning smoking in public places.

By smoking in public places, smokers endanger the life of other people around them by putting them at risk  for diseases such as lung cancer. Forcing others around you to inhale your second-hand smoke is removing their free will to choose whether or not they wish to inhale smoke, whether it be actively or passively. I view it as forcing your choices on others, which is devastating for people, who have no wish to have cancer at all. How can we be healthy if we’re constantly surrounded by harmful chemicals in our air? Of the people who die from second hand smoke, the largest group is children, who are more susceptible to respiratory diseases like asthma, emphysema and bronchitis. Especially in densely populated urban areas with high concentrations of smokers, the risk of second hand smoke is great. This is why banning smoking is very important.

Smoking also creates significant air pollution. According to Tobacco Control, smoking actually creates 10 times more air pollution than diesel car exhaust. This is because smoking releases fine particulate matter into the air, which is most harmful to human health and also the environment. Clean and healthy air is a right of all people and smokers in public places endanger this right by polluting the air and threatening peoples lives. People’s quality of life is being damaged severely by irresponsible citizens who smoke in public. These people should be controlled by passing laws that ban this in public.

Additionally, public smoking also creates pollution by litter of cigarette butts. Statistics from cigarette giant Philip Morris show that cigarette butts constitute 28 percent to 33 percent of all litter nationwide. In addition to the millions it costs for cities to remove this waste, a large portion of this litter ends up on beaches. The numerous toxins in cigarettes such as cadmium, nicotene, and benzene then threaten the ecosystem and animals of the beaches, thereby further harming the environment. Indeed, litter from public smoking creates many problems for both the environment and cities.

Public cigarette smoking creates a host of problems for people, the environment, and everything, in short. First, smoking harms people by putting them at increased risk for respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. Public smoking also contributes heavily to air pollution, creating problems for the environment and, again, human health. Another issue with public smoking is that it infringes on others rights by not allowing them to breathe clean air. Lastly, public smoking creates a huge amount of litter that in turn also harms the environment. Governments across the world should take action and stop this degradation of the environment and of human health by banning smoking in all public places.


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